Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Eppel's Reassurance

Elder and Sister Eppel with Scott

My prayers were answered today! We were able to sit down with this beautiful couple this morning in the home of Brother and Sister Eppel from Morton. They are the most sweet couple. Elder and Sister Eppel having been in the states visiting their son and his family. Elder Eppel works for the church in South Africa as the church's Area Auditor. He grew up in South Africa and was converted nearly 40 years ago by missionaries serving in Africa. They have been a blessing to our lives today as they told us the situation in Uganda and reassured us that Uganda is a beautiful land. It is called the "pearl" of South Africa. He was able to answer all the questions Scott had about the living and water conditions there. Both of them were able to give us invaluable information. Scott and I were concerned about the water and how to keep hydrated without getting sick. He explained to us that in some areas the church will provide for the missionaries water filtering systems for the elders and sisters serving. Sometimes bottled water will be available, and Sister Eppel expained to us that for extra precaution she always boiled water the night before and then stored it in plastic bottles for the day the next morning, even when filteration systems were available. I can't explain how reassuring this visit was. My heart is at peace. I know Scott will be well taken care of. I know he is doing the Lord's work and I am now "excited" for Scott and the wonderful experience he will have there, serving the people of Uganda, Ethiopia and Rowanda. Scott is even more excited now. He is blessed to serve such lovely and kind people of Uganda. Thank you Elder and Sister Eppel you're dear to my heart. May the Lord bless and watch over you and my son in His service.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Scott's Final Shots

Finished up final shot today. Got chicken pox vaccination shot today, had to wait 30 days after receiving yellow fever shot or it would cancel out the yellow fever shot. Now preparing to pack things and purchase what we need from the Uganda Mission list.
Tomorrow visiting with a couple that lived in Uganda as the church's auditor. They live in our Peoria stake. Excited to talk with them and ask questions about the water and living conditions there.