Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Monday, August 25, 2014

Fruitful Harvest in Gulu

As my mission sums up, I am trying to make each week better than the last. I am trying to work my butt off and save the time for relaxing on the plane ride home. This week has been alright. We had a baptism on Sunday, and it was a pretty nice baptism. The service was nice and the spirit was there. It was the brother to a recent convert of mine. He and his brother are super elect people, and they both want to serve missions (one is 20, the other is 22). I am pretty happy with the fruit that I have been having here in Gulu. About half of my baptisms on mission have been in this branch. I also really adore the members here.
   It's a weird thing, concluding your mission. I keep on wanting to think about home, but then when I think about home it puts me in a daze. Mentally I have to kick myself every time I start daydreaming about home, because I don't want to trunk myself out.

   Love you guys, hope you have an incredible week.

-Elder Grilliot

Me and a member named George brawling it out

Monday, August 18, 2014

Built a House

   Sorry no adventures this week. except I accidentally cut my thumb while cutting tomatoes this week. That was about the extent of my adventures this week. Don't know what else to tell you about. We did some service projects this week though. One of them was weeding (which is a lot easier to do than in the US because the ground is super soft here), and in the other we helped build someones home. To help build the home we used bricks and mud and just built the home. just like that. The mud was used as cement (their mud is super strong) and the bricks were used as bricks. (ha) Then they put plaster over everything after the mud dried so that it would endure the elements. Apparently a house like the one I helped build can last up to 40 years. The end!
   With 6 missionaries in Gulu branch my proselyting is a bit smaller than it was before, but I suppose that it works to my benefit because my area was massive before. The way that we split the boundaries of the areas most of the people that I have baptized in the last 6 months that I've been in Gulu are now in a different set of missionaries proselyting area, but that's alright with me, I now get a chance to build up the church in a different side of Gulu.
   This week has been fair, We've started teaching some cool new people. There's this one guy were teaching who we are helping to get off of cigarettes. He's making some really nice progress right now, and he gave us a referral to a family who are actually married properly!
   Things are going well in the missionary work. Love you guys.

-Elder Grilliot

   Attached is a picture of what we call a goondy bird. The bag on it's neck can stretch to be about 3 ft long and is full of acid. The goondy bird eats anything it finds, including and especially garbage.
People say that it can even eat human babies. They are everywhere in Uganda, they are more it's national bird that the crane is for it's sheer population. They are extremely ugly birds. Just though that you would be interested.

Monday, August 11, 2014

5 Referrals!!

   This last week Elder Frakes (My companion) and myself spent about the whole week doing transfers. The senior couple of Gulu is no longer around so the mission is depending on the zone leaders to help with transfers. We took one missionary down to Kampala (from there he was taken to Busia), and we brought up 3 missionaries to Gulu. We went down on Wednesday, Thursday we helped the AP's transfer some missionaries to Jinja and around Kampala. And Thursday we took our missionaries to Gulu. Two of the Elder's that we got were missionaries that were previously serving in West Africa but were taken back to their home country to finish their mission, because of the Ebola stuff that's going on. One is named Elder Dramadri, and the other is named Elder Ajalu (I think I spelled that right). One has served about a year on mission the other has been out for 3 months.
   Even though we were only able to be in our area for like 2 or 3 days last week, we have some nice people that we are teaching. One of our recent converts in our area gave us 5 referrals yesterday, so I'm excited to see how it all works out.
   Everything is going well out here, and I'm loving the people. Love you guys, talk to you next week.

-Elder Grilliot

Monday, August 4, 2014

Sad Goodbye and Staying in Gulu

Expounding doctrine to the wild pygmy people.

My district that I'm in plus some loyal members, in front of the church.

A lot of stuff has happened this last week. In Gulu we have a pair of Senior Couples that are here to train the leaders, and support the branches. The last two weeks the husband was having some really bad back problems, so last week when I went down to Kampala we took him with us so that he could get some x-rays. But a few days after he reached Kampala the problems with his back escalated and he and his wife had to end their mission and go back so that he could get back surgery. When we returned back to Gulu we helped the wife pack everything up and run her last few errands. We drove her halfway down to Kampala (to Merchisine falls national park) where there were some people who work in the mission office waiting to take her the other half of the way. It was pretty sad to see them go.
   Today we got transfer news, and for myself this was a big transfer news. I really want to finish my mission here in Gulu, but where ever I go this transfer will determine where I spend the remainder of my mission most likely. I get the transfer news, and it turns out that I'm staying, but they are adding 2 more missionaries in Gulu (that makes 10 in total) and I'm going to be in a companionship with my Zone Leader Companion. On top of that, we (my comp and I) get to live in the empty Senior couple's home! It is an incredibly nice home; it was furnished and preserved for senior couples. Gulu branch has 6 missionaries in it now, so that will be a nice adjustment. The two new missionaries coming into Gulu are Elders who were serving in Sierra Leone but have been taken out because of the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa (The Have taken out every missionary serving in Sierra Leone and Liberia). They both are going to finish their mission from Uganda, and they are both Ugandans by birth and nationality.
   I'm excited for what this next transfer will bring. It should be good.
Love you guys, have a great week
-Elder Grilliot

   Haha, ya I don't care about the smart water anymore mom. I just really miss your cooking! But please don't worry yourself about the ebola thing mom. West Africa is hundreds of miles away, And you never meet west Africans in Uganda, Let alone Gulu. Don't worry yourself, West Africa is like on a different Continent from East Africa. I can assure you that I won't freak out about moths anymore either.
  Love you mom. Don't worry I will return safe

   Ya the 9th of November is fine for the homecoming.  When I went to Kampala the other week I found that I will be coming home on the 31st of October (While you'll be eating your Halloween treat, I'll be sitting in an Airplane seat). Don't have much more info than that.
   Really I don't need anything for my birthday. Maybe some cash in my personal fund would be nice, but other than that I don't need anything.
   Love you mom!
-Elder Grilliot