Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Monday, October 27, 2014


   It's hard to believe that 2 years can go by so fast. I'm proud of how my mission has gone, and of the hard work that I put in each day of my mission. I'm well satisfied with what I've accomplished and what I've become.

   I can't wait to see everyone at home. I love you guys will see you soon!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Lady named Prossy

   This has been a pretty nice week. Things are going pretty well. The area I'm in is prospering fairly well, and we have got some people to teach. We should have two baptisms my last week, and there are several that are getting prepared for next month (after I'm gone). I'm pretty proud of the work I've been doing the last few weeks.
   There is this one lady named Prossy that has a baptismal date for my last week. She had been taught by missionaries for years. She is the sister to the Sunday School presidents wife, and she had met many missionaries but had never really been interested in joining the church or being baptized. She allowed us to teach her a couple of weeks ago and all of the sudden she just started keeping commitments (reading the Book of Mormon, Coming to Church, Praying...) It was pretty cool. This last week as we were teaching her she opened up and thanked me for finally helping her to understand, that she had been taught for so long but she only started to understand when I taught her. It was a really satisfying moment to know that the lord had prepared that individual for me and that I was able to make contact with her because I was prepared and worthy.
   I'm thankful for everyone's emails. You guys are great, it will be nice to see you all in a few weeks time. Love you all!

-Elder Grilliot

Monday, October 6, 2014

P-Day in Entebbe

   This has been a rewarding week. We've got a lot of work done, and I'm pretty satisfied with how things are going in Kajjansi. Today for P-day our whole zone went to the beach in Entebbe, it was pretty fun. We played beach volleyball and soccer. Afterwards we went to KFC (they just opened one in Entebbe).
   DAD, that's cool that the missionaries back home are teaching a Congolese, they are really spiritual people. There's a reason why they are about to get a temple in the DRC. There's a cool story my mission pres. told me about a state formed in a village in Congo. It's kinda long though, so I'll have to tell you about it when I get home. The people of DRC are supper awesome though. There's a place in Kampala named Makinde where all of the refugees from the DRC go. In Makinde Ward there's like 50 Congolese, and everyone who serves in that ward just talks about how awesome the Congolese are. If the missionaries convert that Congolese guy make sure they get referrals from him. One cool thing about the Congolese is that once they find something good, they share it with everyone.
   I'll listen to conference my last Saturday and Sunday in Uganda. I'm really looking forward to it.
   Yes! please bring a thick coat when you guys pick me up. I would appreciate that. We may have to go clothes shopping when I get back too. I don't know what I have back home that will fit me...
   I'm doing well right now. Though I'm anticipating going home a lot. My comp and I made a goal in weekly planning though that I won't talk about home this week and if I do then he gets to hit me on the shoulder. I think it will help. I'm pretty focused on the work though, and I'm still working hard.
   Love you guys have a great week.
-Elder Grilliot