Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Monday, October 13, 2014

Lady named Prossy

   This has been a pretty nice week. Things are going pretty well. The area I'm in is prospering fairly well, and we have got some people to teach. We should have two baptisms my last week, and there are several that are getting prepared for next month (after I'm gone). I'm pretty proud of the work I've been doing the last few weeks.
   There is this one lady named Prossy that has a baptismal date for my last week. She had been taught by missionaries for years. She is the sister to the Sunday School presidents wife, and she had met many missionaries but had never really been interested in joining the church or being baptized. She allowed us to teach her a couple of weeks ago and all of the sudden she just started keeping commitments (reading the Book of Mormon, Coming to Church, Praying...) It was pretty cool. This last week as we were teaching her she opened up and thanked me for finally helping her to understand, that she had been taught for so long but she only started to understand when I taught her. It was a really satisfying moment to know that the lord had prepared that individual for me and that I was able to make contact with her because I was prepared and worthy.
   I'm thankful for everyone's emails. You guys are great, it will be nice to see you all in a few weeks time. Love you all!

-Elder Grilliot

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