Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Dear Friends and Family,

Right now I'm sending this email from one of the MTC laptops. The Plane ride down was really cool. Only five min. after going through security in Chicago I met up with 4 other missionaries from the states (3 from Idaho, 1 from Utah).
When we landed in London we had a long layover so we all relaxed in some seats in an empty terminal. Then as we were all just sitting there a guy came up to us and said "Missionaries! This looks like a familiar site!" turns out he was a member from Norway traveling home from the US. He had been living in the states for about 10 years and was going through some tough time and was forced to have to travel back to Norway. We were able to talk to him and comfort him. He shared with us his conversion which was cool.
The MTC is awesome, I really love it here. We are the smallest MTC in the entire world with a capacity of I think about 45 missionaries. Right now though including me there are only 14 missionaries in the entire MTC. Five Americans (all going to Uganda), 1 from Ireland (going to Cape Town, South Africa), 2 Ugandans (going to Uganda), 2 from Tanzia (Going to Cape Town), and 1 from Kenya, and 1 from Switzerland (both going to Kenya). In this group there are only 3 sisters. My Companion (Elder Ramat) is a native from Tanzia and says he's been to Uganda several times before. He's given me some tips for when I leave for the field, like the kinds of food I should watch out for and stuff like that. He told me that I probably won’t need to know Swahili in Uganda because the only people who speak Swahili and thieves, police officers, and taxi drivers. In his country of Tanzia Swahili is the native language, most people know English there as well though.

Love Elder Grilliot

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