Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Thursday, December 6, 2012


We wanted to let you know that your son, Elder Grilliot, arrived safely in Uganda.  He will be serving in Lira, Uganda and his trainer will be Elder Cardon.  He is a fine young man and we are looking forward to working with him.

Sister Pamela J. Grundy

Uganda Kampala Mission

Nakawa House

Mission Office SecretaryUganda

 In 2011, UBOS estimated the mid-year population of Lira at 108,600.  Lira is 134.64 miles from Kampala, Uganda.

 Somone on Youtube took video of Lira from their hotel room it gives you a taste of the area.

Another youtube video of town market in Lira.  People in van recording scene while looking for fresh fish.

This is a picture of the Dara Christian High School in Lira.

"Open Market" in Lira
My companion Elder Cardon is not pictured.  I'll  be sending pictures of him soon.


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  1. Yay so exciting. What a relief to know he's there safe and sound and taken care of!