Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Monday, February 4, 2013

22 Investigators 50 Lessons

Dear Family and Friends,

       This has been an insane week. Elder Anderson and I evaluated ourselvess, and all of our current investigators earlier this week and realized that a really large portion of our investigators were not progressing and we needed to start anew. So Elder Anderson and I worked super hard this week and tracked our butts off. At the end of the week though we had 22 new investigators and over 50 lessons. Alot of them are really promising too and I could see 7 or 8 of them getting baptized. This week I've been eating really well too. We've been fed 3 times this week by members (which is like a new record for me), and even the senior couple missionaries are feeding us tonight. Also On Sunday to break our fast all of us missionaries in our home pitched in some money and bought ourselves 3 Kilos of freshly killed Beef (so fresh we literally watched the cow get killed in front of us). We also got some potatoes, carrots, and onions and made ourselves the best pot roast of our lives. Seriously though I don't think I've ever had meat that good. If you really want good beef, try to get a fresh kill.
         This morning instead of playing soccer like we usually do, we found a football and taught a bunch of Africans how to play American Football. It was kind of funny to watch them learn, but to be honest they caught on really quick. Next week were thinking of teaching them dodge ball.
       The work is going good in Lira. This week is Transfers (Wednesday we get our news) and so I'll let you guys know if I get shifted.
Love-  Elder Grilliot
In reply to Dad's E-mail:
        Yes Murchison Falls is exactly where I was last week. It was such a cool place. We asked about the history of the place while we were there, and it turns out that the lodge was at one time a hospital that Kony had invaded so that his troops could use it as a place of refuge. And then like 15 years or so later a bunch of missionaries have the best breakfast of their life. Wouldn't you know it.
        Thanks for updating me on the others. It's good to know what's going on in the life of the family. That's crazy to hear about the bishopric being reorganized, and with Kelly Swarts being the new bishop, man that just seems weird to me.
      I've been loosing weight like crazy out here I'm down like 2 or 3 belt buckles from where I began and my shirts are enormous on me now. Between me riding/walking everywhere and working out every morning I losing lots of weight. I wish i could find a scale somewhere so i could know exactly how much I've lost.
      I read your email about the Super Bowl, that sounds like it was an incredible game. Between playing football this morning (see other email) and reading your email, I'm remembering just how much I miss football. Just once, I wish that I could just walk into an investigators home and see them watching American football instead of dumb old soccer.

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