Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New Companion Elder Wangui

     This has been a pretty crazy week, lots of changes. At the beginning of this week everything was fine, Elder Anderson and I had a really good time together (he's been a really cool companion and we got along really well) and got lots of work done. Really, I liked everyone in my house and it's been a really fun transfer to spend together. So then when Transfer news came lots of changes were made. Our whole house has pretty much changed ownership and even my companion (Elder Anderson) was shifted to Mbale, and made a zone leader.  Now it's just me left and I've even been made a district leader. Things just feel very different in our home now, almost like it's a new house.
      My new Companion is named Elder Wangui, and he's from Kenya. He's been on his mission for about a year and a half but he's spent the last 7 or 8 months in Ethiopia. He's had some crazy stories about things that have happened to him in Ethiopia. Man, that place just sounds like a completely different mission. They have to learn a new language, (Amharic) they have to learn a new culture, and getting lessons/baptizing is much more difficult. To be honest I hope that they never transfer me to Ethiopia (even though I've heard that it's a lot cooler temperature wise). Ethiopia is not how most people imagine it, or I should say it's not how I imagined it. I used to think Ethiopia was the poorest country in all of Africa, that It was just a giant Savanna. But From what Elder Wangui has told me Ethiopia is actually very mountainous. It usually is like 70 or 80 degrees most days just because of how high the altitude is, and because it's further from the equator than Uganda is. Ive also been told that in the last few years Ethiopia has gotten lots of help from China, and that because of that the larger City's have gotten quite a bit more advanced. In some parts of Ethiopia you can forget that your in a 3rd world country. 
     Thanks for all of the Love and support from all of you.
     -Elder Grilliot

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