Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Rainstorms and Drunks

Rainstorm in Uganda; rainstorm, Scenery, Uganda
       It's raining it's poring! We finally got rain this week, and the weather is feeling lots cooler than before. Rainstorms in Uganda are crazy, one moment everything will be calm, and then the next moment you will be able to hear the rain right as it begins it's assault on us. Because most of the time we teach we do so outside you will be able to hear something in the distance like a slow buzz and then out of nowhere, Boom! It's raining hardcore everywhere. There have been a few times where I would be teaching and then we start hearing rain in the distance, and in unison all of us pause knowing exactly what what would happen next. Without a single word spoken we gather up everything as quickly as we can and sprint to the nearest shelter while the rain pounds on the roof above us. The climate change between the dry season and the rainy season is like night and day. Honestly the first day that it really started raining (since January) I got soaked, and when I got home I was shivering and felt sooo sick. I was scared that I had malaria or something, I was shivering uncontrollably and had every blanket I could find on me but at the same time I was sweating a ton and had the worst headache of my life. One of the older more experienced missionaries I lived with though told me to try to take a warm shower and I would feel tons better. The moment I turned on that hot water if felt like the sweet nectar of life had been poured upon my soul. It was like I was taking a shower in phoenix tears. It cured me right away. The other missionaries told me later that when I got rained on I experienced such a dramatic climate change that my body didn't know if it wanted to warm me up or cool me down so it just kind of freaked out
       This week our district did a lot of service projects. On Tuesday we helped our Elders Quorum president move, on Thursday we helped a lady cut down a few trees (with nothing except some hand axes), and on Saturday we helped someone move a pile of bricks. The service on Thursday was so cool, I had never chopped down a tree before and it took like 4 hours for two of us to cut down one tree. I still have some major blisters on my hands for swinging that ax over and over again. It makes me have lots of respect for lumberjacks. While we were cutting down the tree we had a funny run in with a super drunk guy. He was was freaking out that a bunch of whites were cutting down trees. He was running around, calling us fools and telling us he wanted to fight us for some reason. He was absolutely hilarious too. If I couldn't smell the alcohol on his breath and known that he was just speaking nonsense I would have guessed that he had an amazing sense of humor. He made me laugh a lot. And then another drunk wondered onto the scene and the two drunks started to call each other names, which was awesome because most of what they said made no sense but you could tell that they were really upsetting each other. In the end one of them just got disgusted with the other and walked away. Then the remaining drunk seeing whites cut down trees told us "this is no job for a bunch of Europeans" and he took the ax from my hand and started cutting the tree for me. He actually did a really good job cutting that tree too, did about half of the tree for me. But then after, he was trying to convince me that because he helped me I had to pay him 2 billion shillings. Haha what a crazy day.  
    The longer I've been on my mission the more and more I've grown to love the scriptures. I bought the institute Manuel for the Book of Mormon, and am restarting my reading from front to back using the institute Manuel side by side. It's kind of cool. I would recommend it.
      Thanks for all of the emails and support that I've recieved this week. Love all of you
                                                                                                                                       -Love Elder G.

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