Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Monday, April 8, 2013

Truck, Mangos, and Mustaches

Dear Family and Friends,

This was a fun week. Me and my companion are getting along really well and were getting a lot of work done. We also had president Jackson come to Lira this week and that was pretty cool as well. I like President Jackson, he is a very honorable man and it's going to be strange to not have him around in about 3 months.

    I got to drive for the first time in Africa this week. Elder Cobabe and I were with our zone leaders today (P-day), and They were getting ready to back up the truck, so I asked if I could do it (kind of jokingly) and he said "OK". So I got to back up the truck. I only drove for like 30 seconds and it was about 30 ft, but it still was pretty cool feeling to drive again. It was also kind of a cool experience to drive with the stick shift on the left side.

   It's almost mango season (only a few more weeks untill the mango's will be compleatly ripe). I can't wait. The best mango's in the world are growing here in Uganda. Everywhere you walk is a mango tree here, you can't walk 20 ft without seeing a great big mango tree, so when the mango's are big and ripe I can just grab a handful of mango's to go, anytime of the day. If there's anything that I'm going to miss here in Uganda, it's the fruit.

   The biggest disappointment of this week was finding out that I won't be able to watch general conference for another month. Our branch has to wait one month before they get the General Confrence DVDs (Which is what we watch them on). There is no such thing as satellite broadcast here, especially since were not even in an actual chapel right now, just in a regular meeting house. Right now (at the internet Cafe) I'm downloading the priesthood session and putting it on a flash drive for us to listen to at the apartment, but that's the best I'll get for now.

   Nothing huge in Uganda this week, but thank you all for the love and support that you all give me.

Love Elder Grilliot

This is to all of my home dogs out there who ever asked themselves what I would look like with a fancy mustache.

Note to Dad:

I loved the mac' and cheese by the way. It was my companions birthday that night so I made us both mac and cheese. It almost made us trunky thinking about American food. You did an amazing job at hiding the card too. I almost couldn't belive that the card could be in there. Did you hot glue the box back together or something? It was pretty crafty of you.

   I'll send a pic for sarah of the present she sent me. Tell her I love it, and so does my companion.

   The next transerfers arn't for a while (i think 4 weeks), but I love it here in Lira, It's a really nice place to serve in (most missionaries call it the promised land). To be honest though I can't see myself serving in Lira another transfer, That would make 7 months in the same area which is rarely heard of. But yes I do remain as the district leader. Honestly I was very nervous about becoming a district leader after being only like 2 months in the field, but now i feel like I'm really getting the hang of it all. My zone leaders have been a huge help in showing me the way too. Being a district leader isn't all that bad though, it just takes some getting used to, thinking about 4 missionaries instead of you and your companion.

Note to Mom:



 I jus wanna let chu no dat since ma booty landid in dis country, ma english is gettin so much gooder dan before.

   I know that my emails have started to get shorter and shorter, but recently I've just felt like I have less and less to talk about, sorry. I'll try to get better though.

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