Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Monday, May 6, 2013

Staying in LIra and Finding Simon

       Dear Framily and Friends,

 There are just somethings that I love about serving in Uganda. I love the diversity for one. You can get missionaries from all over Africa serving around you. I've met people from Kenya, South Africa, Zimbobwe, Malawi, Tanzania, and Madagascar. It's pretty sweet having such diversity, and so many different cultures in one place. Hearing stories, and making friends with people all over Africa is pretty sweet.
        We had transfers once again and just like before I'm staying in Lira, except this time I'm also keeping my same companion, Elder Cobabe. So basically no changes for me.
        Elder Cobabe and I have met some pretty awesome people this week, who I am excited about. One thing about this mission is that (especially in these younger branches like in Lira) we are searching for specific kinds of people, ones who will strengthen the branches and help to stabilize the branch. Basically the most important thing that the branches need are families, complete families. Father, Mother, and children. And It's a bonus if they have a steady job and are well educated. That's why Elder Cobabe and I felt so excited this week when we met someone named Simon who has a family of 5, has an excellent job as a building supervisor  and is just an all around cool guy. He accepted a baptismal date the first time that we met him and he's just a very elect guy. He's exactly what these new branches in Uganda are looking for. It's so difficult to find a complete family and baptize them but when you do It's just awesome.
     Look forward to calling you guys Sunday. Can't Wait!

Elder Grilliot

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