Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Monday, May 27, 2013

Difficult Week but New Missionaries Coming!

         This has been a difficult week. Elder Cobabe and I have struggled a lot this week in progressing people. Some of our most legit investigators moved away this week, or decided to that they no longer want to be baptized, which was very disappointing. Seeing such a lack of success kind of put us down, but at the same time pushes us to work harder.
         Sometimes I feel as though I have spent way to much time in Lira. I kind of just wish that I could see more of Uganda, instead of being stuck in the same place for so long.
         We met a pretty cool family this week. The father is a teacher at Lango College, and the wife owns her own business. They seem to be a pretty solid family (with 3 kids) and I hope that they progress well. We met them while tracking, and they all accepted a baptismal date within the first visit. I have a good feeling about this family.
      This mission is growing quickly, this upcoming transfer were going to get 19 new missionaries. That's a new record for the mission. Were also sending out a lot of new missionaries, in the branch that I'm in there are 5 people preparing to send in their papers this month. I wish I could see what the branch is like in 2 years with all of the missionaries from Lira returning. I think that in Lira there's about 15 missionaries out right now, the branch is going to grow so fast once they all come back.

      Thank you all for all of your love and support. Keep the people in this Country in your prayers, they need the Gospel more than they know. 

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