Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Monday, July 8, 2013

What I forgot the 4th of JULY??!!

 Family and Friends,

   I've got a new mission Pres now! I was able to meet him in this last Zone conference. Ours was President Chatfeild's first zone conference. He seems like a pretty solid guy, really determined. He is pretty similar to President Jackson, but at the same time different. It doesn't really feel like much has changed with this new guy though, things feel basically the same. I'm really happy to have him as the mission President though.
     Not a lot of things to update people on though, It's been a really relaxing week, and we have found some really good people. There's one guy who we found this week who Sounds just like an American. He's Ugandan but he's spent some time in the States and he has a completely Americanized accent. It's pretty cool to hear, I feel like I'm back home when I talk to him. I would love to baptize this guy though he's unlike any Ugandan I've ever met.

     This week was the 4th of July but I didn't really do anything to celebrate. To  be honest I forgot that American Independence day was this week until  my family reminded me. That's a holiday I never thought I would forget. 

Love Elder Grilliot

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