Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Monday, October 7, 2013

Answers to Dad's Questions

     Many of you guys have asked about General Conference this week.
Unfortunately though I won't get to see conference until the end of this month. I really look forward to it though.
     Dad sent me some Questions to answer this week so I think that I'll just answer it for everyone this week.

Q:So is there any big news in Uganda?  What do people generally talk about when you chat with them about current affairs?  Anything?

A: Mostly just about how corrupt the government in Uganda is. I rarely get any news about what is happening back home. I heard some rumors about the government being shut down in America, but that's about it.
Oh and the shooting in Kenya was pretty big for some time too.

Q:Anything you would like us to send you?  How are you doing on contact lenses?

A: Money? Pictures from family back home is always awesome to get (and handwritten letters as well).

Q:How are your shoes holding up?

A:I came on my mission with two pairs of shoes. One of them are trashed, I've been meaning to repair it but I haven't gotten around to it. The other pair is still holding strong though. I walk about 6 miles a day (at least), so they can get worn down pretty fast.

Q:Did you do anything fun with your birthday money?

A: I just ate really well for about 3 weeks. It was like a breath of fresh air being able to eat American food again.

Q:Who is your favorite member of the ward there, and why?

A:I have a couple of favorites but one of my favorite is a guy named Erasmus Ichode. He's getting ready to serve his mission in Sierra Leone soon. He really likes working with us missionaries.

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