Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Monday, October 28, 2013

Facing Opposition & General Conference Week

    This has been a difficult week for my companion and I. We worked really hard but faced a lot of opposition as well. Were thinking of changing strategies this week. We need much more member referrals and so rather than put our efforts on trackting were going to utilize the Conference that we watched this week by making members feel much more accountable to their God in doing member missionary work. Not that the work is going badly, just that it's starting to slow down a bit.
   This week we had the opportunity to watch General Conference. There were some great talks there. One of my favorite was Edward Dube in the Saturday Morning(?) session. The people in Uganda were so excited to hear an African General Authority speak. He was probably the highlight of conference for many Ugandans. My Favorite talks were by Richard G. Scott in the one of the Sunday sessions (they kind of just blend together because we watched them back to back) and another one (I can't remember who it was) that talked about teaching, and teaching by the spirit. It was nice. OH! Another favorite was from Russel M. Neilson(?) in the Sunday Evening Session. He talked about self mastery. It was a good talk. I missed the Priesthood session though. They didn't have a time that it was showing at the church for us.

   Overall I'm excited for this upcoming week, I have a good feeling about it. Thanks for all of the Love that each of you send my way. I really do feel your prayers give me the strength that I need.
My Sabbath was alright, We watched Conference this Sunday. Power went out during Conference though. Fortunately though we had a generator that kept Conference going.

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