Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Friday, November 8, 2013

A Lot of Changes

I forgot that Halloween even existed. It would be so awesome right now to be able to get a bunch of free candy and Chocolate.

How can you have Spanish sisters in an English speaking ward? Are they thinking of opening up a Spanish ward or something? Are there even enough Spanish speakers in Bloomington/Normal? Are they are members of the branch that speak Spanish (besides you, dad). How do Spanish speaking missionaries go proselyting in such an English speaking place? WHAAAT!
Sounds like things are going well back home.

Honestly it does not feel like it's been a year. Maybe that's just because I've only been in two areas... But I feel like I've only been in Uganda for a short time (but at the same time it feels like it's been an eternity since I've been home).

This has been a week of a lot of Change.
The Area 70 over the Africa Southeast area came down to Uganda and got together with the Mission president, The stake president (of the Uganda Kampala Stake) and each of the branch presidents/ bishops. They held a big conference with basically every leader of the church and talked about some stuff. One of the biggest things that were talked about was missionary work, and to summarize it all there's a lot of changes taking place in how missionary work is going to be done. A lot of Changes. All of the changes are focused on retaining members. There are lots of Less actives in this mission, too many. There are about 15,000 members of the church in in this mission, but the average sacrament meeting attendance for the mission is a little less than 3,000. There are a few reasons for this, but the two biggest are that people move to a place where the church doesn't exist yet, or because the hand off from the missionaries to the branch/ward wasn't smooth enough. The Changes are mostly focused of fixing those problems and on helping rescue the less-actives.

On November 15th I have officially been serving as a missionary for one year. Any Ideas of what I should do on that day?
I was thinking about it, you guys should tell me about your missionary moments that you have had during the week. (and those of you who already have done so continue doing so). I almost get the impression from some of you that you haven't been doing any member missionary work back home.

This was a good week. My companion is adjusting fast to life in Uganda, he's a quick learner. We have met some good people over the last few days. We met a guy called Steven this week who seems to be pretty solid. He came to church on Sunday and really loved it. He's a bit quiet, but I just know that he is really searching for the truth. Plus he was a referral to us, so he already has a fellow shipper and stuff which is awesome.

Love you guys have a great week.

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