Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Monday, November 18, 2013

Good Week

Good to hear that everyone is alright after that tornado. Crazy to hear about all the damage that it caused there.
Do you and mom go to the temple often? I wish that I could go back to the temple at some point on my mission, but the nearest temple is a like a 5 hr plane ride to reach. When I get home I would love to visit the temple within the first few weeks of being home.
I'm adjusting a lot better now with the new type of missionary work. The changes in mission basically make it so that reactivation is key, as well as focusing on the wealthier homes. In the past it has kind of been about finding and baptizing whoever, but now it's about those wealthy people who can legitimately help out the branch more. Finding these people at home and teaching them can be a difficulty now though.
I was planning on celebrating my one year mark (by fasting like you said), but that day I got super sick and didn't even leave the house. I had some kind of stomach bug and threw up all day. I felt much better the next day though and haven't had any problems since, but it was kind of a downer of a one year mark.
Love you dad

Happy to hear that no one got hurt from the twisters. Funny to hear that you mention power outages though. I remember being home and having a power outage would be something kinda crazy (it almost never would happen). In  Uganda if we go a week without a power outage you think somethings not right. I once had power out for almost 3 weeks straight when I was serving in Lira.
It was kind of a good week with all the adjustment, lots of learning happened this week.
. Rick, Mimi, and Renae have all shared with me missionary moments from the last few weeks. 
Love you mom,
-Elder Grilliot

   This has been a fairly decent week for myself. As we begun adjusting to the changes and stuff this last week, I've learned a lot. I have relied more on Preach my Gospel this last week than I have my whole mission. I really feel like this next week is going to be better than the last.
   I finally reached my one year mark on my mission. It really doesn't feel like I've been out for a whole year though. Time has gone by extremely fast, and honestly I can't believe that I've been in Uganda for so long.
   This week we were given 5 names of people who are less active in the branch, people that we are to activate. Just names nothing else though. No phone number, no address (there are no addresses in Uganda), or anything. We have to rely a lot on the branch members to track down many of these people and bring them back to activity. It feels a lot like detective work though. For example there is this one guy named Martin that is less active in the branch. The only information that we received is the place that he used to work at (at a barber shop). We went to the barber shop yesterday and got information from the manager as to his phone number and after that we had to call him and track down his home. It was kind of fun though.
Anyway, I'm about to run out of time, but I thank you for all the support that you guys give me.

-Elder Grilliot

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