Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Monday, November 11, 2013

One Year Mark

So ya there are lots of changes in the mission. There is a big shift off of tracking and finding, and a much larger emphasis on working with the members to reactivate Less-actives. There is still lots of missionary work to be done, but the emphasis is on now baptizing the wealthy, learned, and strong minded people that will help establish the church in Uganda.
I like your idea of what to do on my one year mark. I think that I'll do that. It really helps me to focus on my calling.
Sorry to hear what's happening to the Vikings, sounds like they're having a bad year again. How much longer do they say Aaron Rodgers is going to be out (and Clay Mathews)? Sounds like green bay is having some bad luck right now.
Thanks for sending that world news. I haven't seen any evidence of terrorism in Uganda or anything but when/if I do I'll let you know.
Thanks as well for the money for a new Camera. I was looking at all the Cameras though in Kampala and the cheapest one was a little less than 300,000 shillings. I'll keep looking to see If I can find one cheaper though.    This has been a very difficult week for my companion and I. There have been some MAJOR changes in the mission as far as missionary work is done. It's hard to describe all of the changes that have begun happening but in short things have just made it a bit more difficult to find people to teach and stuff. I have a good feeling about this next week though. I think that I will start getting things figured out with this new type of missionary work.
   There is a member of our branch called Erasmus. He's a really cool guy and he's leaving on his mission to Sierra Leone in a few days. To celebrate with him we went to his home and we made/ ate hamburgers with him and his family. They were all supper amazed with the hamburgers that we made. They had never had one before in their lives, and they said that it was the best thing that they had ever eaten. It was pretty funny to watch their reaction the burgers. Could you imagine living and dying without ever eating a hamburger? Too many Ugandans do it. It really is pretty sad :(
Ya there are lots of Changes that were made this week alone. It feels like I'm part of a whole new mission to be honest. It's hard to be a district leader and training right now when all of these changes are happening. I know that I have to lead all these people but it's kind of hard when I myself am having a difficult time adjusting to so many changes. It can be a little stressful. If there is anything that I would like for you to pray for me about it would just be that I can adjust quickly to the changes in my mission and become effective at fulfilling the mission president's view for this mission.

Love you mom, only 12 more fast Sundays and then I will see you again (when you meet me at the airport in one year have a bag of McDonalds in your arms. I miss food :( sometimes I have a huge craving for fast food and there's nowhere to go to sate my taste buds).

-Anyway love you guys, have a great week!

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