Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Monday, April 28, 2014

Pot-hole City

   This week has gone by really fast. I drove down to Kampala and back this last week. Kampala is crazy. You have to be really alert there. I wonder how my driving will be when I get home, I might also be a crazy driver. The road going to and from Kampala (especially as you get close to Kampala) is awful. The road is really narrow, (there is only enough space to fit one car on the road at a time) and you have to be careful not to hit the other vehicles. On top of that there are tons of pot holes on the road too, A TON OF THEM! You can't drive 10 feet without passing at least 3 potholes.
   This next week will be nice though, We are preparing like 10 people to be baptized over the next two weeks, which is exciting. We will be busy preparing these people but it will be a nice experience.

   I hear a lot about Luna. Do you think she will freak out or anything when I come and she see's a new person? Or is she usually friendly around new people?
   I am also looking forward to mother's day. Isn't it strange that I still have yours and Dad's phone numbers memorized even after a year and a half? I don't think that I will have any difficulties calling.

This year the mission president has changed the time that we are allowed to call from 2 hrs to 30-40 min. So it will be a slightly shorter call than before. That will also be the day that I will watch general conference, so overall I'm just looking forward to that day.
-Elder Grilliot

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