Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Monday, June 16, 2014

The Gulu Fair

Elder Scott Grilliot with huge Snake at the Gulu Fair

Bird at the Gulu Fair

Ostrich at the Gulu Fair
   This has been a nice week. My companion and I have been hard at work this week and we have received a lot of blessings from the Lord.
We found 3 families this last week (2 of the as referrals), which is awesome. The only difficulty with that though is just that none of them are married properly yet (which is common in Uganda because it can take them years to raise the money to pay dowry to the wife's parents, which is usually required before the parents allow them to be married). On top of that, there isn't a place that is credited by the Ugandan Government for the Church to perform marriages in Gulu. The nearest place would be in Kampala which is about a 6 hr drive. So either we would have to perform the marriage in another church (like a catholic one or a protestant one), which would cost us a lot of money, or we would have to pay a lawyer and perform the marriage in the judicial court (which would also cost a lot of money). We will figure out a way for it to work eventually though.
    This last week we have had a fair come into Gulu. It is pretty sweet, they have a few rides and a ton of cool crafts to buy (but at ridiculously high prices). They also had some animals that you could look at. They had a lion, a lepord, a crested crane, a monkey, a snake, an ostrich and a giant turtle. I'll send some pictures. we paid the caretaker of the animals a little bit of money and he let us take some pictures withe the snake which was pretty sweet. However while they were taking out the snake it bit one of the caretakers on his hand he stated bleeding everywhere. It was pretty gruesome, he should be alright (it wasn't a venomous snake). I'll send some more pictures in another email.
   Love you guys have a great week!

-Elder Grilliot

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