Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Monday, June 23, 2014

My Zone at Chobe resorts

   This has been a great transfer, Alot of good memories. My companion and I are staying the same, but my zone leader companion is leaving.
   Today for a p-day activity our zone went to Chobe resorts, We got to eat an incredible breakfast and see all the animals. It was really cool.
   Mango season is ending here in Gulu, but now orange season is beginning, should be good (we will be fed oranges like crazy).
   The work is going well right now. Still trying to find out how to get people married from here, hopefully we will figure out a way soon.
   Love you guys, have a great week.

-Elder Grilliot

This is a picture of my zone in Gulu
My companion is the one on the far right.
The couple is the missionary couple for Gulu My zone leader companion is the second to last one on the right back.
(he's getting transferred though).
This is In Murchisine falls national park we went there for our p-day activity.

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