Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Saturday, July 5, 2014

High Centered and Driving in Gulu

  This has been a crazy week. Wednesday was transfers, Thursday too, Friday we drove down to Mission Leaders Council, Saturday we drove up from it, Sunday was church and baptisms, and on Monday (today) we had Zone Conference. I just feel tired right now.
   This time down to MLC was an interesting drive. In transfers a missionary called Elder Frakes came up to Gulu to be in the same home as me. I drove up to MLC and we did so safely, it was pretty smooth sailing for the whole way. That night when we arrived for MLC we held it at the mission home and I parked the truck next to the place. When I tried to drive the car out of the place I circled around the home next door which was abandoned (so that way I would'nt have to back out). But as I did so I drove over a tiny hill on the front lawn of the home, and in the process the car got super high centered. the front tires were not even touching the ground. Luckily my cousin Elder Bitter and his companion were there to help me out. They tryed to pull me out with their truck but to no avail. we tried to dig out the truck a bit but nothing. Eventually We took the car jack, jacked up the front wheels put a bunch on stones underneath the tires and tried to back it out in 4 wheel drive while the rest of us jumped up and down in the back of the truck to give it traction. Finally we got it out, but it was one heck of a job to do it.
   Then on the way back from MLC we had a few close calls too. The Lord was really looking out for us. The road that goes to Gulu is small and narrow. So small that if a car is moving in the opposite direction then one of the two of you will have to get off of the road.
There are also these huge busses that go flying down that road, and everything in their way just has go get out of the way. Well there was this one time when a bus was coming FLYING super fast down the road and then just next too us there was this little old lady riding her bike just off of the road. My companion was driving and he had to pull himself off of the road just to avoid being hit. For sure when he pulled out I thought we would hit that Lady, but it was a mirracle, somehow we managed to fit just barley between the lady and the bus. It was amazing. We will drive safer from now on!
Love you guys have a great week

-Elder Grilliot

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