Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Monday, July 14, 2014

Testimony of the Priesthood

   For all of you wondering I did get rid of all the bedbugs. I haven't seen them since I last had them. So you can all stop freaking out.
   I have a testimony of the priesthood this week. On Wednesday this last week I noticed in myself that I was developing a bit of a cough, but I didn't really think much of it. That evening I started feeling much worse and I retired to bed feeling a little dizzy and in the morning I really just felt awful. I had a fever and I was vomiting. I requested a priesthood blessing from my comp and then called sister squire (the mission Doctor). I went to the hospital on her orders, and the doctor had found out that I had contracted typhoid. They injected me full of this green liquid and told me that I need to come back for two more injections the following days, following which I would be taking some antibiotics for the next week. They told me that it would take up to 4 or 5 days before I would be feeling good again. I went to bed that evening early and the next morning, and contrary to what the doctors had said, I felt great the next day. Even the doctors were surprised to see how fast the fever had left and how upbeat I was feeling. I am sure that the priesthood blessing that I had received was the means by which the recovery came so quickly. I'm grateful for the priesthood and for the power provided in it. Regardless though sister squire (the mission Doctor) is determined that I stay healthy the rest of my mission, so she's going to load me up with a bunch of vitamins to last me the rest of my mission next time she sees me.
   Love you guys have a great week.

-Elder Grilliot
Mom out of all the things that have happened to me out here I can't believe that Bedbugs were the number one thing to freak you out. The bedbugs are gone. I havn't gotten bitten since. I took a nice long shower after finding the bugs. All of my clothes and stuff were washed since then and I haven't had any trouble with them since. You should consider me lucky though. Some Area's (mostly in Ethiopia) get REALLY REALLY bad cases of bedbugs. like for months. I know an Elder that had bedbugs infested in his mattress for 4 months long until they soaked him mattress in paraphine (bedbug killing spray). But you shouldn't worry about Gulu, bedbugs are not as common here. And they don't last long either.

   Isaac and Jennifer are doing alright. There is a church meeting house in Lira that I think will be accredited by the end of this week (if all go's well). So that would help us a ton if needs be.

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