Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

An Elect Couple and little bugs

   Time is just flying by so fast. It seems like my mission only just begun a short time ago, but when I look at it time is just so limited now. I pray that I can Finish strong, and that I don't think of home for the next 4 months.
   The work is going so well. One of our recent converts gave us a referral last week, the referral's name is Isaac. We began teaching him and his wife (but they are not married yet, just living together) and they are one of the most elect couples that I have ever met. They are a young couple, so they don't have children yet, but they really really love each other (you can just feel it). We taught the husband, Isaac, first, and he just ate it up. He was very ready for the gospel.
The second time we visited we talked about the Book of Mormon, and this time with the wife, Jennifer, as well. Because the wife wasn't able to hear the restoration when we came to teach the first time we left a restoration pamphlet with her to read. We came back a few days later, and not only had she read it, but she took SUPER DETAILED NOTES! from a pamphlet that is like 16 pages long (and half of it is
pictures) she took like four pages of notes about everything. She was genuinely touched by the message that she read. They both are progressing extremely well. They read the Book of Mormon together when they can, and pray together every morning and evening. That's not something that very many couples do in Uganda. They both have accepted to work towards baptism, and they are doing so well right now. The only barrier right now for them is marriage, they have to get married together before baptism, but with some faith I think that things will work out. I have confidence in them that things will work out. Please include in your prayers Isaac and Jennifer. I am really praying that they can get baptized, it would help their lives so much, and it would make me super happy.
   Kind of an funny story. This week we were teaching a recent convert in his home. He lives in a mud hut, and the place that he's staying in is kind of like a boy’s home (he lives with a few of his brothers).
It's kind of a grubby place, and the foam chair that I was sitting in wasn't in the best shape it's probably ever been in. At the end of the appointment I notices a little bug on one of the fold of my pants. I brushed it off and really didn't think anything of it. We continued the missionary work for the rest of the day, without much trouble, accept that my back felt a little itchy. That night after planning out the next day's activities, I began to change into my pajamas. As soon as I removed my white shirt felt super itchy all over my back and sides, like EXTREMELY itchy. I checked under my undershirt and there were these large bumps all the way up and down my sides and back, they were way to big to be mosquito bites, but they itched like it was nobody’s business. I showed them to my companion and he kind of laughed/ was in awe. I then showed them to my zone leader companion at least he knew what they were. He had seen them on another missionary before. It was bedbugs! And they feasted on me for sure.
   It's been a nice week so far. Thanks for all of your prayers. Love you guys!
-Elder Grilliot

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