Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Robert and Jennifer

   This last week has been pretty good. I met lots of the members of the branch here in the last week, Including the Branch President and several other Auxiliary Leaders. The branch might be young but it has some good leaders in place. The branch Pres. is a really well put together guy and I'm glad to be able to serve him. 
   To report on the two families that I mentioned last week: Innocent and Topista have been super busy this last week and we haven't been able to meet with them (they have been out of town for the holidays, but should be back later this week). Robert and Jennifer however are doing really well, They have read about 5 or 6 chapters from the Book of Mormon and are willing to come to church this Sunday. We are planning on taking the branch president and his wife (the Primary President) to their house tomorrow so that they can be their fellowshippers. I hope that they continue to progress as they are. 
   This week we met a lot of crazy people. I met a lot of super old drunk muslims (like 5 or 6 of them), and one lady that followed us a quarter of a mile down a road shouting at us in french. And another lady who became really upset at me when she found out that us missionaries just preach the gospel, and that we can't pay for her children's schooling, or pay for her rent. She called my companion and I con men.
   But overall it's been a nice week. Love hearing from each one of you guys. Keep emailing me.

From Elder Grilliot

Answer to Dad's questions:
I've heard a lot about Nelson Mandela as well. People in Uganda Love him because of the things that he had done for the black community. They also see him as one of the only non-corrupt Black African Leaders, so naturally they love him.
Yes my companion has been able to tell me a lot about Mugabe (I've also heard a lot of things about him from other Zimbabwean Missionaries). One thing that they always talk about is about the inflation that they went through (I think it was in 2008 or 2009 or somewhere around there). Basically Zimbabwean money became worthless because of inflation and ruined everyones life. It was tough for everyone there. But ya they don't love Mugabe, but they have to tolerate him. 

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