Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Monday, December 30, 2013

New Year

Dear Dad,
Happy belated birthday! Hope that you had a good one!
Ya new years is a big holiday. It is celebrated much like how it is back home.

Wow, your getting surgery? (Chuck has a minor tear in his left knee that interferes with his tennis so at the beginning of the year he is getting surgery.)Hope it goes well and everything. Update me on how it goes.
Hooray for Green Bay!!!

Love you dad!

Dear MOM,
I LOVE all the things mentioned in the package! Thank you so much! The only thing in that package that you can find in Uganda are the pringles, but they are kind of expensive (8 or 9 thousand shillings). Thank you soooo much for that! The things that I am most excited about are the potato packets (cheesy potatoes), and the taco and sloppy Joe packets.
Thanks for sharing that missionary moment, You are doing such a great job at looking for opportunities to share the gospel. You will be able to help this lady Ann, I have faith in you.
Love you mom!
Elder G-lot (The people in Uganda have a difficult time pronouncing Gril-liot so they call him G-lot)

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