Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Eagle Scout Project

   It's been a nice week so far. Things have been going fairly well. Kind of an interesting story. On Saturday we got a call from a family who came down to help dig a well for an Eagle Scout project.  This Mother and her son came up from the States to help dig a boar hole for a village out on the outskirts of Gulu. As part of the Eagle Scout project they went to a local community and set up a manual drill and taught the local community how to use it to drill into the ground until they reached water far enough down. 6 of the missionaries in Gulu (myself included) went to help out as well. It was really cool to see how it was done. they set up a 20 foot tall tripod over the ground, and use it as a pulley to pull this drill up and down. one guy holds a rope and pulls, while 1 or 2 people throw the drill (which is like a giant metal straw) into the ground. Then they pull it out of the ground, and throw it back down. Each time they throw the drill down it collects a bit of dirt, and they do it over and over and over again. It can take like 3 days until they reach water doing that. It was a cool experience to see them do that, and to help them do it. It made my Eagle Project (painting a fence) look wussy.
   I have been meaning to send some pictures to you guys, but every time I come to email, I for get the cord that allows me to get pictures on the computer. I should be sending some pictures to you  guys next week.    Gulu and Lira are about the same temperature I think. I may be wrong though, you can check online to see which one has higher temperatures. I think that I'm just used to the heat by now.
   Love all of you guys, enjoy your week.

-Elder Grilliot

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