Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Monday, September 22, 2014

Starting up Missionary Work in Kajjansi!

   This has been a difficult week. Adjusting to a new area, and trying to learn where everything is at. For like the first few days I really missed being in Gulu, it was almost as if I were homesick for Gulu.
But after being in Kajjansi for a few days I started really pushing and becoming immersed in the work.
   Kajjansi is actually an old branch in the mission (it's been there for like 13 years) but because the branch wasn't doing any missionary work at all, they took the missionaries out and for a while they had no missionaries there. Then they eventually put in sister missionaries, and then Elders, and that's when I came in. Because they went for a while without any Elders it kind of humbled the branch and now they are really motivated to do missionary work. They also got a new branch pres. this year and he is very good at making sure the members are unified with the missionaries.
   The first few days in Kajjansi was hard. We didn't know anyone, or the area. But the members have helped us out a lot this last week and we already have a few people to teach. There are like 3 or 4 branch missionaries who are going on their missions in the next 3 months, and they are always willing to help us, so that's also a plus.
   Kajjansi is part of the city of Kampala, or I should say that it's like a subberb of Kampala. It sits just between the International airport in Entebbe, and the City of Kampala. We have to go into Kampala to be able to do our shopping though, and even to email.
   Time should go by fast here. I'm with a pretty good companion, (he's been out for around 18 months) Elder Mamani, from South Africa.
Funny enough, he was in my zone last transfer. He's a good guy, pretty laid back.
   My last Saturday and Sunday in Uganda will be General Conference.
You guys will receive it earlier than us but we will watch it at the end of October.
   Love all you guys! have a great week!

-Elder Grilliot

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