Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

CHANGES: Not as Much Driving to Kampala

   We had MLC (mission leaders council) this week, but up in Gulu they did it a bit differently. The mission president wants to reduce on the number of times that we have to drive down to Kampala so rather than drive down to Kampala we did a live video broadcast strait into the mission home. Gulu, Lira, Mbale, Ethiopia, and Rwanda all Skyped into MLC. From now on that's how they are going to do it (except 4 times a year we will do it all together). It was alright doing it from the computer (from the church in Gulu branch) but I kinda miss being able to meet up with the other missionaries around the mission. Anyway I'm sure that it will save my parents some worry knowing that I'm not driving down to Kampala as much.
   I was watching these videos about the history of the church in West Africa, there are some super cool stories about the early pioneers in Ghana and Nigeria. There was this guy in Ghana that once he found the church he ran around bringing in like 30 new converts to the church per month. I guess that's why Ghana has 3 missions now, and a temple.
   Been hard at work this week. I got sick during this week though. A Fever and some diarrhea. Didn't know what I was sick with so we just called it butt aids. Monday through Thursday I worked super hard, Friday was weekly planning and MLC so we didn't get anything done, and Saturday and Sunday I was sick. I'm doing much better now though. I hope that I don't get sick anymore on my mission.
   Met some cool new investigators this week. Some nice families and stuff. I hope that things go well with them.

   Love you guys have a great week.

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