Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Monday, March 10, 2014

Healing the Sick

  This has been a pretty nice week. My companion have been hard at work this last week, and we have been able to accomplish much good.
   There was this super old guy that we had been teaching for the last few weeks. He is 78 years old. He has great-great grandchildren. He has 3 teeth. He's an old guy. But he's really funny and really smart too. For the last few weeks since we had met him, he had been reading everything that we had given to him, from pamphlets to the Book of Mormon. He had been doing everything that we had asked of him to do. However, there was one small problem, he was having difficulties coming to church (he had been going to his church for over 30 years and was very attached to it). This last week when we went to go visit him he was having problems with his health (a really bad flu) and hadn't been able to sleep properly for the last week because of it. We sat down with him and had a really powerful lesson about the Book of Mormon. At the end of the lesson we committed him to come to church, and he told us that he might make an effort to come to church if it wasn't that he was sick. We asked him that if he were to feel better, would he come, and he told us yes, but that he doubts that he would be able to make it due to sickness. From there my companion and I offered to give him a priesthood blessing, and he accepted. That happened on Wednesday of this last week. On Sunday we were surprised to see him walking into church wearing a nice striped suite. It was a pretty cool thing to see, and it built my faith in the power of the priesthood. I hope that he continues to progress as well as he has been doing so far.
   Been a good week though so far. This last week My Companion and I were doing service: We were filling up and carrying Jerry Cans from peoples homes to the well and back. As I was walking back the quarter mile to someones house with two filled up Jerry Cans there was an old Lady who saw me and yelled out to me "You're so strong! Why don't you marry me!" It was really funny the way she said it, and my companion and I laughed all day about it.
   It just started raining again today, for the first time in like a month. It felt soo good. I hope that it was a sign of the dry season's end and the beginning of the rainy season.

   Love you guys have a great week!

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