Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Monday, March 3, 2014

No Water in Lugazi

   Water has been out in Lugazi for 5 days in a row. No rain in sight. The whole of Lugazi looks like a desert. I don't know who has it worse right now, me in Uganda (hot and dry), or you guys in America (Cold and freezing). With the exception of a few minutes each day, we receive no water in our home, or in the surrounding homes. We are praying for rain. This is a famine indeed.
   We went to Kampala today. Just wanted to pick up a few things there. Went to a supermarket called Game, (the African Walmart) and they had a sale: 1,000 shillings for a large bag of doritos! Yay!

   Other than that, things are going well. Sorry ran out of time emailing today, but I love you guys, and I will write you next week.
RE: Dad's Letter  
   My shoes are holding up alright, I think that they will last me to the end of my mission. I fixed up the hole in the front and side.
   My companion is adjusting to Uganda pretty well. It can be hard for him at times (Like when water go's out and stuff) but he's pretty good at adjusting thus far.
   Ya most of the time my companion and I get along. Just a few times when we have some small contentions.
   Yes, I am picking up the language. Webele nyo, sebo
   I am one of the only whites in Lugazi. There is this super old white guy though who lives here too. He can be found at times waddling around with the support of his cane. We don't know why he is living here in Lugazi and I've never tried to talk to him but when I see him in passing I tell those around me that he is my Grandfather.
   In General we focus our teaching on families, on the people who can support themselves (have a stable job), and those who speak English. We do teach people outside of this category but not often. Teaching single mothers can be difficult too because you need to have a priesthood holder with you to teach them, so with having a small branch with limited priesthood holders it can cause some difficulties.
   I have heard a little about South Sudan but not much, I just know that there are not any senior couples there as there once was, and that there is a lot of bloodshed up there.

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