Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Elder Grilliot in Uganda

Monday, March 31, 2014

Transferred to Gulu and Being Zone Leader

   All of this last week we have seen miracles come into my area. we have been very obedient and super hard working, and the hand of the lord has blessed us. We have quite a few ready for baptism over the next few weeks, and some good ones progressing too (including a family that has come to church for the last three weeks). The ironic thing though about it all is that we received transfer news this morning, and I'm going to be transferred to Gulu on Wednesday. 
   Yep, I'm going to be transferred back to the village. Gulu is an area pretty similar to Lira (where I started my mission), except that the church has been established there a few years longer. They have a lot of mud huts there and they speak Acholi, which is an almost identical language to Langi, which is spoken in Lira. As much as I am disappointed that I am leaving Lugazi I am also excited to go to Gulu, I have heard a lot of good things about the area. I have also been called to be a zone leader there which is kinda exciting/ humbling. I hope that I can do a lot of good while I am there.
   We have a senior missionary couple that comes down to Lugazi every Sunday, and last Sunday they cooked a really nice tasting stew with some rolls. It was super nice. They gave me the recipe yesterday, I look forward to trying it out (it doesn't even look too expensive either. I learned a recipe for biscuits and gravy some weeks back too which I have made several times too.
   I will spend this week saying my goodbyes to the people that I have come to love here, and then prepare myself to go back to where it is super hot all the time. 
   Love you guys, have a good week!

Questions from Dad:
Is Easter a big holiday in Uganda?  Do they do anything special?  I don’t suppose they have the Easter Bunny and Easter egg hunts?

General Conference this coming weekend!  I’ll let you know about which talks were especially good.  You get the DVDs a week after, right?

   Ya Easter is a fairly big holiday in Uganda. They eat a lot of chicken, and sometimes they get work off on that day. Usually it is spent with family. 
  I think that we will watch conference in several weeks. I am getting transferred to Gulu, and in the northern part of Uganda Conference is broadcast a bit later. 

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